Heartflow: Driving awareness and demand


HeartFlow is a revolutionary technology that helps cardiologists diagnose and develop treatment plans for coronary heart disease (CHD) – one of the leading causes of death in the UK. It uses deep-learning (a form of Artificial Intelligence, or AI) and trained analysts to create a 3D, digital model of a patient’s coronary arteries, and solves millions of complex equations to determine the impact of potential blockages on blood flow. Our brief is to promote the technology to relevant audiences, including cardiologists and radiologists.


The HeartFlow Analysis could save the NHS £9.1 million annually, with a proven track record of helping to significantly reduce waiting times in hospitals. Bringing this reality to life, we work with a group of leading cardiologists in NHS hospitals to demonstrate the impact that the innovative technology has on their wards, and their ability to provide a more precise diagnosis for CHD. We established a nimble press office, working with national and medical trade publications, to produce thought leadership articles and spotlight the professionals using the technology. To complement this, we offer carefully selected media interview time with HeartFlow’s executives to discuss how AI and deep learning can help to fight CHD, and how the UK’s med-tech ecosystem helps to make the country’s healthcare world-leading.


We have secured stand-out coverage with leading national and trade news titles including BBC News, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, RadMag and Med-Tech Innovation. Our work with key HeartFlow stakeholders, including cardiologists and radiographers, to create content on their behalf, has helped boost engagement with key medical audiences.

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