Nikon: In Pursuit of Light Influencer Marketing Campaign


In the months following the launch of its new mirrorless system, Nikon’s challenge was to raise awareness of its capabilities, focusing on a key target audience – nature photographers. Aware of influencers’ powerful reach, Nikon Europe understood they were a valuable marketing tool but had never implemented a multi-country influencer marketing campaign at this scale before.


We set up a tiered influencer framework that enabled Nikon Europe to manage three ‘hero’ influencers, while giving guidance and funding to local markets to engage their own participants. To ensure consistent content and clear message delivery, we focused on the system’s primary benefit – its ability to capture light like no camera before – and tasked nature influencers to pursue light in the natural environment, demonstrating its role in capturing truly breath-taking imagery.

Working with 12 influencers across eight European markets, the photographers demonstrated the capabilities of the Nikon kit, sharing incredible imagery taken across the globe – from the villages of rural Japan to the fjords of Western Norway. Each influencer posted images and videos across their Instagram channels, all of which included product and campaign hashtags, Nikon social handles and a link to the Nikon site – encouraging their followers to find out more about the campaign and the mirrorless system.


This resulted in a total of 172 Instagram posts and stories, with a total potential reach of over 1.7m. The 12 influencers pulled in 207,982 engagements, helping promote the Z series mirrorless offering. The campaign had an impressive average cost per engagement of £0.30 and, importantly, the beautiful imagery showcased the capabilities of the kit.

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