Qlik: Debunking the language of data during COVID-19


COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill and highlighted the critical role that data plays in our lives. Suddenly, we were bombarded with more data and statistical language than ever before. But unless you are a mathematician or epidemiologist, chances are you would have been left wondering what these terminologies mean.

Brands2Life spotted an opportunity to leverage Qlik’s reputation as a leading figure in data literacy, to help make the language of COVID-19 understood by all.


Brands2Life launched a new self-help video content series – Know Your Data. This unpacked the language used to describe charts and terms that we saw every day, so people can understand what it means for them and their families.

Brands2Life devised an eight-week campaign, bringing together Qlik’s Chief Learning Officer, Prof. Kevin Hanegan, and Alan Schwarz, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer and former NYT investigative journalist. In each episode they explained crucial terms such as “flattening the curve” and “R”.


The series generated over 11.4K views on YouTube and over 3K views on blogs hosted on Qlik.com and the Data Literacy Project site. Additionally, all content was amplified through social, with standout results on Twitter including an 8.07% ER and 267K+ impressions on ads.

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