VMware: Podcast series for the financial services industry


Prior to joining VMware from senior client-side roles at leading high street banks, neither Matthew O’Neill or Brian Hayes were fully aware of just how much vendors, like VMware, had to offer in the way of services and tools that would help to make their work better. They spent most of their time trying to “keep the lights on” without breaking things, barely having time to make any changes.

Now working for VMware, the pair are determined to help others in their previous positions understand the benefits of working with VMware, and to pass on some of their 30+ years of experience in banking IT to others.


In order to help them share this knowledge in a relatable and engaging way, Brands2Life created and launched a podcast series, ‘Don’t Break the Bank‘ positioning VMware as an essential partner to those working in the financial services industry.

Each episode sees Matthew and Brian interview a new guest on a different theme, and explore some of the challenges and different facets of life in banking that keep CIOs and their teams awake at night.

Alongside the production of the episodes (including scripting, recording remotely, editing and publishing), Brands2Life is instrumental in taking the series to market: maximising awareness of the series, as well as driving reach and through bespoke complimentary promotional materials such as blogs, animations, audiographs and other social media assets.


So far, 9 podcast episodes are live and publicly available (with a further 1 in post-production). They’ve amassed over 1,000 listens.

Note: Third party reports state podcast garnering over 136 listens in the first 30 days of release are performing in the top 50% of podcasts globally. ‘Don’t Break The Bank’ usually averages 150-180 listens within the first two weeks of publishing.

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